Registration on the website

To make any registration in snake investment, the age should be more than 12 years. To register, you have to register your own mobile number, never register any other person's mobile number. Use your own email id. Mobile number and email id have to be verified with otp. Use your own bank account details. And enter Aadhaar number for KYC. Bank details and KYC details once entered cannot be changed back. Before making any kind of investment, registration has to be done in which it will be mandatory to enter all the information.

User rights on the website

The customer can login to his account at any time by entering his username (email id) and password. After this you will be able to use your account. After login to the account, you will be able to check the investments made by you. And you will be able to check the return on investment. Inside your account, you will see all kinds of information in different details. For example, by clicking on the profile button, the customer will be able to check his basic details and change them. You will be able to make a new investment by going to the Invest button. By clicking on the portfolio button, the customer will be able to see the investment made by him as well as the return on investment. And the amount of the customer who will be referred will also be able to see inside the portfolio. By clicking on the Refer & Earn button, you will be able to add other people either through the link or through the email ID. By clicking on the transaction button, the information about the deposit and refer amount made by the customer will be seen. By going to the support button, you will be able to contact the company if the customer faces any problem.


Customer cannot invest less than Rs.1000. Investment can invest more than 1000 rupees, which has no limit. After investing once, the customer can invest the amount again depending on the customer. The investment amount made by the customer will be kept locked for 1825 days. The customer will not be able to withdraw the amount invested before 1825 and the returns received thereon.

Refer & Earn

When a customer refers, a bonus of 20% of the referred customer's first investment amount will be added to the referred customer's portfolio on which the customer will be able to make a profit. There is no limit to how many customers a customer can refer. Apart from making investment, the customer will also be able to increase his portfolio by referring.

Snake Work

Snake Invest is a platform linked to crypto forex and works to make profits by investing in crypto forex and high return earning business. Investment is subject to crypto forex market where both loss and profit are equally likely so please read all the things carefully before investing and join Snake Invest. Be patient after investing because 1825 is going to be a long journey.

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